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What will my child eat?2019-12-04T16:58:25+00:00

Poppies Day Nursery employs a fabulous level 3 nursery cook. Our seasonal menus include a variety of well balanced, nutritious and tasty meals, freshly cooked in our level 5 rated nursery kitchen.  We are able to accommodate for all kinds of dietary requirements, so please talk to us if your child needs a particular diet.

Will my child have opportunities to play outdoors?2019-12-04T16:57:56+00:00

Your babies and children will have numerous opportunities to play and learn outdoors in our beautiful and extensive nursery grounds.

What happens if I want to breast feed my child?2019-12-04T16:57:17+00:00

We are registered with the Breast-feeding Welcome Scheme.  We are happy to accommodate you at any time that you wish to breast feed your child.

How do I know my child will be safe and secure?2019-12-04T16:56:43+00:00

Poppies has recently installed a finger print entry system for added security, yet easier access for our nursery parents.  The state of the art system only allows registered individuals to gain access into the nursery building.  Every room within Poppies and the garden areas are covered by extensive CCTV systems.

What happens when my child reaches school age?2019-12-04T16:55:59+00:00

Poppies has a wrap around service which will ensure continuity of care for your child from birth to 12 years. We have a breakfast club, after-school club and full wrap around during the day from our neighbouring schools. We also operate a holiday club which can provide care for your child during the 12 weeks of school holidays.

Is the nursery an educational facility registered with the Local Education Authority?2019-12-04T16:55:00+00:00

Poppies Day Nursery is owned by a qualified Primary School Teacher and is registered with the Local Education Authority.  As such, children of 3 years and upwards who attend Poppies for a minimum of 3 full days or 4 half day sessions per week are eligible for educational funding from the LEA.

How do I arrange a visit?2019-12-04T16:55:20+00:00

You are more than welcome to call in at any time during the nursery day and we will do our very best to make time to show you around our lovely nursery and answer any questions you may have.  Alternatively, please just give us a call on 01495764675 and we can arrange a suitable time for you to receive a more extensive tour of our nursery.

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